Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Where have we been?

I know, I know... it's been a LONG time since I've posted. Life just gets in the way.

The Wrights spent 9 months on an RV road trip! The house was sold, we didn't have another house in the plans, or at least the plan we had fell through, so we hit the road.

The majority of our time was spent in Montana. We were workampers at the Nugget RV Park in St. Regis, MT from April through September. What an experience! It was so cool that we are going back this summer, although for just a couple months.

I have tons to write but no time to relay it all today. I will get caught up ASAP with all our stories.

Bye for now!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Confessions from a month long RV trip

·        A dog puking in your lap just two minutes after leaving home does not ruin your entire trip.
·        You can take the man away from the cars, but… our first stop was the National Corvette Museum.
·        We have become extremely quick at setting up and taking down camp. We work well as a team.
·        You end up eating out more than you planned.
·        All campgrounds are not created equal. Amenities, other campers, etc.
·        RV toilets can, and will, get plugged up.
·        Ticks in New England LOVE our dogs.
·        If one person in an RV gets sick, the other will get sick also.
·        Urgent Care Clinics in New York and Virginia are pretty good!
·        Sometimes the RV antenna gets better reception than campground cable
·        Our favorite state to visit this trip was Maine.
·        When at a campground with extremely poor cell service, sometimes you stand with your hand in the air to try to get service.
·        You MUST love your spouse. You will be together 24/7 in a small space.
·        Pork chops taste better when cooked on the grill vs. a frying pan.
·        Yes, it is a tiny bathroom and odors will escape that tiny room. Overhead fans and odor eliminator are your friends.
·        Three dogs bring a lot of dirt, mud and grass into an RV. Including on the bed.
·        Check the campground washing machine before washing your clothes. Sometimes, “something” is in there and you have to rewash the load.
·        Inevitably you will discover something you need that your husband removed from the RV to save space.
·        Sheets can go a month without being washed. I don’t recommend it.
·        Clothes can be worn a few times without being washed.
·        If your husband gets lost in a parking lot and drives around in circles for a while, he doesn’t find it amusing that you are laughing hysterically until after the fact.
·        Trying to fit too much stuff into a month long trip wears you out.
·        Our next long trip will be off the cuff. We’ll go/do whatever we feel like doing that day.
·        You can pack a month’s worth of food into an RV. The only shopping we had to do was for milk and bread.
·        Bugs WILL find the small hole in a screen.
·        You will always need more wood blocks than you think.
·        Having a built in vacuum is EXTREMELY helpful. Especially with dogs.
·        Having at least one large fan to help air out the RV is helpful.
·        When stopping for gas, wash not only the windshield but the entire front of the RV to remove bugs.
·        You can’t make a sharp U-turn and you can’t back up with a car dolly attached.
·        The Good Sam GPS is amazing. It let’s you know if you can’t go down a certain road in the RV.
·        It makes the wife happy if you put up the decorative flag upon arriving at your site.
·        You may get a pull-thru site but that doesn’t mean you can leave your two car hooked up. The RV BARELY fit in one site.
·        It’s a good feeling when other campers ask if you’re in the “big rig”.
·        Yeti, RTIC, etc. cups are AWESOME to take along in the car. Great for the day trips and even when you return from an excursion, they still have ice!
·        Two people can easily drink an entire bottle of wine in one night.
·        Husbands can make a nice breakfast. If we had a tray, Debbie could have had breakfast in bed one morning.
·        Showers are not always possible every day. Not every campground has sewer hookups.
·        Always bring plenty of dog treats.
·        You can make some really good meals in an RV.
·        You can buy good lobster and flat iron steak in Maine.
·        You can buy some pretty crummy meals at restaurants.
·        You can buy BAD pizza and Chinese food in New York.
·        When visiting Niagara Falls, take dry clothes.
·        Niagara Falls has terrible road signs to show you where to go.
·        Tolls can be EXPENSIVE.
·        The good restaurants and view at Niagara Falls are on the Canadian side.
·        Adults can have fun on jumping pillows also.
·        Big cities are expensive to park in.
·        Tom turned into a fan of mass transit when we visited Washington, D.C.
·        Colonial Williamsburg would be a fun place to work.
·        We were able to see so much history.
·        If you are enjoying your grilled pork chops too much you will miss a rocket launch.
·        You will vacillate between being ready to be home and wishing the trip could last another week.
·        Online banking is a great invention.
·        You can get a great view of the Milky Way in some of the northern states.
·        Men seem to think they are smarter than the GPS. I’ve yet to see this as truth.
·        Do NOT run a fan to push the hot air out the window while flushing the toilet. Gag!!

·        Can we just go park by a lake and relax now?